How I Became an Expert in Internet Marketing.


I have a good basic education in economics from a technical university, Ph.D. in economics.

I studied marketing at the Academy of National Economy. Deeper into the scientific study of the area that is above marketing — sociology. As a result, he published 2 monographs at the intersection of economics and sociology.

Received a professional education in information security at the Bryansk State Technical University.

This is basic system knowledge.


Our organization runs its business in the IT field. The organization has several telematic servers, a communications center handed over to Roskomnadzor, and a small data center. The professional team that has formed in our organization is engaged in complex tasks, including work on the circulation and maintenance of crypto-protection of information under the FSB license, satellite monitoring of transport, develops software systems for managing vehicle fleets, etc.

The sphere of Internet marketing seemed to me quite simple and straightforward. In this regard, it is more profitable for me to outsource it, since to perform such tasks, fewer competencies are needed than those of the specialists of our organization.

All work related to the creation of sites and attracting clients via the Internet, I gave to outsourcing, assuming that the contractors are the same professionals in their field as we are in ours.

Oh, how wrong I was!

By working with the best contractors in the region and by paying without haggling, I hoped to receive quality service. At some point, we began to pay noticeably a lot and I decided to understand the rationality of such payments and take part in the acceptance of work under one of the contracts.

In order to speak the same language, I previously spent 3 hours studying the necessary primary sources.

When accepting the work, I realized that it turns out that I am more competent than the best contractor in the region. Worse yet, due to the insufficient competence of the contractor, they do not develop my Internet resource, but kill.

And I came to the banal conclusion that the salvation of the drowning is the work of the drowning themselves.

I was forced to spend 4–8 hours a day for 1.5 years studying the nuances of Internet marketing. As a result, I began to understand a little in this area.


Our current team has acquired new professional competencies. Then additional recruited employees were trained.

We process all the necessary types of work, make checklists. We have rebuilt a system of constant modernization of work algorithms (what we do, how we do it).

And they began to serve all their projects independently. Then we got down to Internet projects of our friends, then our partners, including those in the capital. And later they began to conduct third-party clients in their hometown.


Many questions arose in customer service, which necessitated training. This led to the creation of the Systemic Internet Marketing for Executives training course.

Friends, how did you become experts in your field?


Perhaps your experience will help someone become more successful.

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